Installation and Registeration of PhoneID

The PhoneID app by Imanami offers a password-less identity solution. It can work with any application to validate user's identity. GroupID uses it as one of its authentication types.

To use PhoneID for authentication, you have to install the PhoneID app on your smart phone. The app is available on Google Play as well as on App Store.

PhoneID uses your mobile number as your identity. When you install it on your phone, your mobile number gets registered with it. PhoneID transmits a  verification code via a text message and then automatically detects that code and proves your identity to the application (for example, GroupID) that supports PhoneID.  

When you get enrolled through PhoneID authentication type, it sends a notification on your mobile number asking for a confirmation. If you confirm by clicking Yes the user is enrolled. If you try to reset your password on Password Center user portal and use PhoneID for authentication, you have to enter last four digits of your mobile phone number. This is just an extra level of security which is enforced by GroupID. After entering the correct four digits you are authenticated and can reset your password and unlock your account.

Installation and registration of PhoneID

  1. Open Google Play or App Store on your mobile and search for Imanami PhoneID. You will see the application as follows:

  2. Tap it and then tap Install. On the next screen, tap Accept. PhoneID will take few minutes to get installed on your phone.

  3. Launch the PhoneID app on your phone.  

  4. Tap the country dropdown list to select your country.
    By default, United States is selected.

  5. Enter your mobile number and tap Done on the mobile keypad.

  6. A message, Verifying Code, is displayed on your screen and a code is sent as an SMS to your mobile. PhoneID detects that code automatically and registers your mobile number.

    If this process takes too long, tap the Please Enter Verification Code area and enter the code manually. Tap Verify.

  7. On successful registration, the Imanami PhoneID icon is displayed on your mobile screen:

  8. You can unregister your mobile number using the Unregister button.